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Getting the air vent cleaning done

Why Duct Cleaning Is Important After You Renovated Your Home?

Getting your home or kitchen renovated spruces it up and gives it a brand-new look. While it looks great on the outside, it is also essential to take care of these spaces internally.

One such important factor is to decide if you want to get the air duct cleaning done after the renovation work.  If not handled correctly, these issues could affect the health of you and your family.

What happens during a renovation?

  •  Any kind of renovation work, however small the project may be, creates a substantial amount of dust. The dust that is visible outside can be easily cleaned up. The trouble is the dust that gets accumulated inside the vents and is not easily visible. This dust can directly affect the quality of air that circulates inside the home.
  • Another case where air duct cleaning services are important is if you are moving into a new home. With different people working on the home and no guarantee of their diligence, the duct system could collect all kinds of debris.
  • Apart from dust, there have been instances when people have found soft drink cans or lunch bags deposited in the duct system.
  • It might not possible to prevent small pieces of construction material to make their way into the vents even if they are covered.

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Why is duct cleaning important after renovation?

Better air quality

Getting the air vent cleaning done in your home helps to improve the quality of the air indoors. During the construction process, some materials may be used which are toxic.If these materials get accumulated inside the vents, the air quality and the health of the occupants of the home may be at risk. If the vent cleaning is not done, family members may get more susceptible to sickness.

If these materials get accumulated inside the vents, the air quality and the health of the occupants of the home may be at risk. If the vent cleaning is not done, family members may get more susceptible to sickness.

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The dust and dirt particles can be especially harmful to those suffering from allergies. Home air duct cleaning must be seriously considered if you or any family members suffer from asthma or any allergies.

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To prevent fire hazard

One important factor that may be overlooked is that not getting the duct cleaning services done after renovation could be a fire hazard. Though it might not happen immediately it could be a threat to life and property even years later.

Factors such as sawdust, toxic fumes, and the presence of some materials used during the construction accumulating could lead to a dangerous situation. The vent cleaning process would remove all such material and prevent the possibility of a fire.

To reduce energy costs

One of the biggest changes that were noticed by homeowners after a vent cleaning service is a reduction in their energy bills.

Choosing air duct cleaners

If the duct is dirty and there is a build-up of debris inside, it will need more energy to maintain the correct temperature. This means higher cost due to reduced efficiency and higher energy consumption. Get the air duct cleaning done for an efficient duct system and huge savings on cost.


You can choose to get the job done from any one of the various air duct cleaning companies. Make sure that the company you choose for this service is certified and has the knowledge and expertise for the task. Do not get fooled by vent cleaners who offer to provide services at extremely low rates.

Choosing the right air duct cleaners after some research will enable you to get the best services at good rates and a hassle-free experience too.

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Best Methods To Get The Air Ducts Cleaned

Keeping the air ducts clean and checking them periodically is a great way to maintain them well in the long run.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems may contain different contaminants that may be harmful to your health. Hence the process of home air duct cleaning and removal of such contaminants can help to improve the quality of the indoor air.

Maintaining and cleaning the HVAC system can lead to energy savings due to efficient energy use. This can eventually lead to savings as well.

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Most common methods to clean the air ducts

There are different methods that are used for air duct cleaning. Here is a look at some of the common methods in use today.

Power vacuum or Air sweep

This method may be an expensive option but it is extremely effective. The job is done meticulously using the method.

The power of the vacuum is helpful to not only keep the debris contained but it can also pull the debris out of the system. You can be assured of superior results after using this method as the ductwork gets rid of all the loose contamination.

There are some disadvantages of this method. The process takes long and the machinery used is expensive. When any of the air duct cleaning companies uses this method, you will be charged more than the other companies. Since the equipment used is specialized, they need to train the personnel well to avoid the risk of a mishap.

The point of contact

This method might not be as efficient as the power sweep method but it is safe to use for the air vents and ducts.

It involves the use of a vacuum and a spinning brush and it costs much lesser. The cost factor is reduced making it an affordable option due to the low cost of its machinery.

The method does not agitate the dirt or debris much reducing the chances of errors and mishaps. The machinery used is not as loud as the power vacuum machinery.

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Remove the source

This method is the most common among all the other methods. It is a recommended air vent cleaning method.

Removal of the source involves mechanical cleaning of the various system components in order to remove the dirt and debris. The dirt and debris have a tendency to stick to the interior of the duct vents.

Mechanical agitation helps to loosen the debris from the walls of the ducts and other components. The process of extraction is used to safely remove the debris from the HVAC system.


Cleaning the air ducts can help to improve the air quality and thus improve the health of the occupants. One of the biggest downsides of getting the duct cleaning services done by you is the probability of damaging the air duct.

It is advisable to get professional assistance to get the duct cleaning done. They would have the best knowledge about the cleaning methods. They will also be able to tell you when the next cleaning session would be required.

Make sure that you get at least a couple of estimates before choosing the cleaning service provider. If possible assess their reliability and competence.

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable technician will give you the desired results. More than the cool tools and machines, the big factor that influences the outcome of the project is the experience of the technician.