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When you think of a locksmith the first thought that comes to your mind is residential locksmiths. The ones who are able to open locks on various doors by using different techniques. But little do people know that there are various types of locksmiths and they also offer various types of services. Simple residential locksmith services may also be able to offer various types of service with regards to locks, keys, and opening locked doors.

Let us first start with knowing the different kinds of locksmiths.

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The different types of locksmiths:

The services of a good locksmith are not just limited to opening doors of a house. In reality, there are 3 different types of locksmiths.

  • House locksmith: These types of locksmiths are the ones who come to use when having issues with your home alarm system or deadbolt installations when wanting to upgrade your home locking system.
  • Emergency locksmith for home: When you have got locked out of your own house or when the keys have broken or worse if the key gets broken inside the lock it is an emergency. This is where an emergency locksmith comes into the picture. These service providers are often mobile. They personally come to visit the house and use their technical knowledge and experience to find the best possible solution. There are many emergency residential locksmiths who offer round the clock service and can offer service at any time in the night too.
  • Automobile Locksmith: This is obviously with regards to the key and ignition issues in an automobile. These locksmiths require the knowledge of automobiles along with the knowledge of keys and the automobile locking system. Suppose you have got locked out of your car or in case if the key is jammed into the ignition or even when the alarm system of the car has started giving issues, it is the job of an automobile locksmith.auto locksmiths services

Additional services a locksmith for the home can provide:

The jobs mentioned above are obviously carried out by the locksmiths. Other than that, if the locksmith is good enough they will also carry out many other services. Some of these services include: installing locks for windows and in case if removing the lock of the door is inevitable a competent locksmith for the house is capable of even installing a new lock on the door. They are also able to gain entry into the house through other means in case a child has locked itself inside the house and are unable to open the door. They are also capable of making a new set of keys for you. When you need an additional set of duplicate keys, some capable residential locksmith services are able to provide a duplicate set too. They are able not just to get their way through the locks of doors to the house but also open up locks to the garage or any other room too.

The different kinds of locks:

A good locksmith who excels at his work is usually able to open locks of various kinds. Especially the home locking system that includes many factors including an alarm system. The different types of  locks that a locksmith is expected to open easily are:

  • Church lock
  • Cylinder lock
  • Digital lock
  • Lever locks and many others.

The job of a locksmith requires precision and tact along with knowledge and hands-on experience.



Times, when you lock yourself out of your own house, can be stressful. Even more so, if this happens later in the night. A good locksmith is the only person who can actually help you out. They can open up just about any kind of lock.

But the fact that they can open your locked house can be the tricky part too. As much as you think you may not need a locksmith ever, you never know when an emergency strikes. It is best to do some basic research beforehand rather than settle for whoever is available at the end moment. Here are a few pointers to bear in that that can help you choose the perfect residential locksmith services.

Always choose a locksmith who quotes a standard pricing

The ones who quote a price when you visit them and then inflate the price the moment they reach your house or while doing the job are most certainly not the trustworthy types. These are the kinds who hike up their fees the moment they spot a weak or unsuspecting person. These kinds of locksmiths are the ones who try and take advantage of a desperate situation. Such professionals are best avoided.

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Choose a locksmith who has references

When looking out for a locksmith for the house, it is best to choose the one who has been recommended by someone or has references from the right sources. Hiring someone to open up your house is important business and trusting just about anyone is not a good decision. It is best to be prepared and keep a locksmith in mind for times when an emergency strikes.

Look up the internet

Thanks to modern technology, gaining access to professionals with all the details you need is just a matter of a few clicks. When you have the time, look up the internet and search for a professional locksmith and don’t forget to read reviews for the same. There are many websites that have all the details of residential locksmith along with customer reviews; some even contain contact details of the customers. Do not hesitate to get in touch with previous customers and get a personal reference for the locksmith.

Do a background check on the locksmith

The internet once again comes handy with this. Once you have zeroed down on a locksmith, look his name up on the internet. Check if there are any noteworthy details about him, including his work, or records of any kind.

Do not feel shy or simply not bother doing this, as a background check can help protect you and your house.

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Do not choose the first locksmith that comes your way

As much of an emergency you are in need, do not hire the first locksmith you come across. Look out for as many options you get, weight all their pros and cons including service fees, professionalism and how updated they are with the latest advancement in modern technology. Compare them all and choose the one that is best for you.

The house locksmith that is available 24/7 is most preferred.

An emergency can strike at any time of the day or night. If one gets locked out of their house late at night, a locksmith for the house who offers service 27/7 is the best possible option. As it is not possible for one to wait outside through the night until the locksmith arrives at work the next day.




Becoming a locksmith is not just about knowing how to break a lock open. There is much more to that, it includes the right and updated knowledge of the latest locking systems. They have to find solutions for jammed doors, broken keys or any such problems with minimal damage. It is a known fact that changing the locking system of the house is not a feasible option.

No one usually thinks about a locksmith or the jobs they can do until the time when you need the services of one. These situations could range from anything right from being locked out of your own house, losing the house keys, breaking of keys, or keys broken inside the lock. A residential locksmith is capable of handling all these situations and more.

When you have issues with regard to your home lock and key system, following are the kind of services a professional locksmith home is capable of undertaking.

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Replacing locks:

When you move to a new residence it is best to get your locking system replaced. The main reason is that you would not know who all have copies of keys to the existing lock. Or if your house has faced an unfortunate incident of burglary, the locking system is best changed. While you can very well use the services of a hardware store, it is usually the prerogative of residential locksmith services. Also, when you already have spent money on a new locking system might as well use the services of a professional locksmith and get the job done perfectly. It is mainly to protect you and your family.

Enhancing security:

If you use the services of a specialized house locksmith, they can fortify your home security system that can give you peace of mind. They are able to fit extra security system for your house other than the conventional locking system. These could include door bolts, as well as provide electronic access control system. You can use these services to add to the security in garages, sheds or other places where you have important or precious things stored. This becomes even more essential when your house is in a theft prone area, or if you have had a previous experience of robbery.

When you upgrade the security system of your house, it can also help in dropping the premium you pay for your house insurance. However, it is best to trust only a specialized locksmith only.

Key cutting:

Professional locksmiths also excel at house key replacement. They can make duplicate copies of almost any kind of key. They can also cut a key to suit the shape or requirement of a lock. In case you have lost your set of keys you can use the services of a locksmith and get them to cut a new set of keys for your house.

Automobile locksmith:

If whenever you get locked out of your own car, a professional automobile locksmith can come handy. There are many companies that offer auto locksmith service for times like these. These professionals can help you gain entry into your car. However, the newer cars now have chips installed which must be programmed to the vehicle functions even when the duplicate keys are used.

Whenever you require the services of a locksmith, it is always preferable to use the services of a professional that can prevent any further issues other than the existing keys and locking system issues.