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The Best Time Of The Year To Insulate Your Attic And Why?

Attic insulation is something that many homeowners are resorting to. Either they are making it a Do-it-yourself (DIY) project or getting home contractors to do it for them. If you are also satisfied with the immense benefits that blown in attic insulation provides, then it is time for you to get your attic insulated. But, is there any right time to get it insulated?

The Right time for Attic Insulation

It is usually prudent to get your blown attic insulation done at a time when you are renovating your home or adding an extra room, due to the growing family needs. This is because, there is a good lot of work involved and things can get done simultaneously, without causing much inconvenience. Renovation and insulation works can be combined to get optimum results. Your cleanup process is simple and will not be too cumbersome.

blown in attic insulation provides

Best time for blown in insulation

Blown insulation is always a better option. Here, your attic is insulated by filling your attic space with insulation product, by blowing or spraying. There are different methods of blown in insulation.  It depends on the form of insulation that is selected.

In this method, a large hose, which is attached to a machine, is used. The hose is then held in the attic of your house and the machine blows in chunks of insulating material into the attic space. The machine uses air to blow the insulation material through the hose into the attic.

In summers, when the outside temperature is very hot, there is a great tendency for the attic to get heated up. And so generally blown in attic insulation is undertaken during early spring or late fall.

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Why Fall is considered the best time

When you have taken the right decision to get your attic insulated to conserve on energy bills and take in the other benefits, then it is also practical to get it done at the right time. Traditionally, Fall is considered a good time to get the attic insulation done. The reasons for this include the fact that it is that time of the year when the temperatures outsides are mild. It is easier to get the whole process done in fall than in the hot summer months. And obviously, winters are not preferred months, as you would want your home to be nice, cozy and warm. Saving energy bills requires efforts and steps to be taken at a much earlier date.

It also depends on the place where you reside

When you live in places that have mild winters and strong summers, you want to insulate your home so that you can keep it cool in the summer months. And so, in these regions, spring season can also be considered to insulate your attic.

You can insulate your attic using different materials

After finalizing the right time for insulation, you can choose different types of attic insulation techniques, depending on your budget and liking. The different types of insulating materials include Loose-Fill Fiberglass, Cellulose, and Spray-in Foam etc.