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5 Signs that your Air Duct Needs Cleaning

Air Ducts are the vital part of the air conditioning, heating and ventilation system. It is thus, important to look for signs of any blockage and do air duct cleaning on a regular basis to keep the systems to work smoothly. As Air ducts are tubes through which the cool or hot air circulate, it is essential to do vent cleaning from time to time. If you are not sure when to clean the Air Duct system, there here are the top 5 signs that you can look for to ensure that air vent cleaning is needed.

Look for Growth of Mold

If you are able to see visible molds in the ducts, then is high time to clean the ducts. The presence of molds indicates some issues with the system. It means that there is some kind of moisture issue in the ducts. When molds are formed in the ducts, it leads to serious respiratory problems and other health issues.  Hence, during your periodical check, if you come across molds in the ducts, then it is better to clean the ducts with the help of air duct cleaning companies. As healthy air circulation is vital for the health of the whole family, do not ignore this sign.

Air Duct system

Look for Insects or Rodent Invasion

During your inspection, if you come across shells of insects, scratches of rodents or droppings along or inside the ducts, then it means that insects or rodents have invaded the duct. This is a huge pain and it needs to be taken care of immediately. Do a home air duct cleaning as quickly as possible.

Look for Dust, Dirt and Debris

As air circulates through the ducts, it becomes the place for clogging of dust, dirt and debris. When the duct is clogged, the efficiency of the system is decreased and the air circulation at home is polluted. Clean any dust or dirt that has deposited in the duct immediately to keep the air healthy. Not sure how to clean it? Call the air duct cleaning service.

Do a home air duct cleaning

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is released more when a home makes use of furnace or fireplace. In that case, there is a higher possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. If your home uses a furnace or fireplace, then it is important to inspect with the help of duct cleaning services, clean and repair the air ducts before each heating season.

Preventive Maintenance

When maintenance is done on a periodic basis to ensure that the air ducts are in great condition, then lots of money can be saved. This is because, through preventive maintenance, one can prevent major repairs and disasters. It is also logical to do periodic maintenance by calling vent cleaners because ducts get dirty when used over a period of time.


Duct cleaning is not a simple process. It requires cleaning the different components of the system either heating system or cooling systems like the grills, heat exchangers, coils, pan and ducts. Also, it is better to hire a professional air duct cleaners to clean the whole system thoroughly as they have the necessary instruments and experience to handle the system. If ducts are not cleaned thoroughly, then it leads to the damage of the ducts and air pollution inside the home. Either it is duct cleaning at a residential complex or a commercial building, always hire a good vent cleaning service to do the work for you.


roof renovation

3 Unique Roofs To Consider Before You Renovate

It is magical how a roofing renovation can instantly give your house a new look. There is no denying that when it comes to roofs, the quality is of prime importance. But then you cannot compromise on the aesthetics as well. No matter how bright and beautiful your walls are you would need the right roofs to complement them.

If you are planning a roofing renovation that would be a good time to think about changing the roof style. The frame gable style is one of the most common styles. It is true that it is one of the simplest choices for installation. It is also great in shedding excess water during rains and snow during the harsh winters. It is also the type that offers an ample amount of attic space. But that is not the only type of roof style available. Simply changing the roof style can rejuvenate the looks of your home. Though there are several types of roofs to consider, here are the 3 most unique styles:

Mansard roof

More commonly called the French roof, this style gets its name from Francois Mansard, a popular French architect. To instantly give your home a French styling this roof is what you need. Popular since the 15th century, this one is a classy style to consider. You might find them mostly on tall buildings and apartments. This distinctly shaped roof slopes on all four sides. Similar to conventional gambrel roofs this one has slopes that change inclinations. One noticeable aspect is that most Mansard roofs integrate dormers or rooms or windows protruding from the roof.

Mansard roof

Saltbox roof

We have seen French style roof. Now here is a typical New England kind of roof. It is characterized by long roofs. One side has a steep lengthy slope. Providing the benefits of a gable roof, this one drains water and snow easily thanks to the slope. Besides, it can be added to an already installed gable roof. This asymmetrical design can come with a lot of variations. This style of the roof can also assist in adding extra space.

Saltbox roof

Flat roof

If you have had a traditional gable all the time, why not consider making the roof flat? What is so unique about this style you might ask. But this is one style often ignored during roofing renovations. This one can instantly add a contemporary touch to your house. No matter what style of architecture you have used for the house on the whole a flat roof can blend with any architecture style. This is also an easy to install design. It is a no-fuss design that you can’t go wrong with. This one skips adding extra space though. It would not add an attic. But the best part is that you could add a set of stairs and convert the flat rooftop to a sit out area. You could even consider rooftop gardening if you have a flat roof.

Flat roof

When it comes to roofing renovation, it would be a good choice to pick a roofing style that suits your current construction.

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3 Places To Get Ideas To Renovate Your Home

Renovating your home can be an exciting task. It is not just going to give your house a new look, it would also be a fun task. Home renovation services are easily available. But nothing beats the feeling of doing the home renovation and landscaping renovation yourself. Be it redoing the interiors or the garden, it can both influence the aesthetics of your home a lot.

Common doubts you might get while renovating the house:

One fine day you make up your mind that you are going to give your house a makeover. Depending on the rooms and elements you renovate you might require different materials and ideas. You might have several questions on your mind:

  • Where should you start?
  • Which room would need renovation?
  • How much and what elements in the room should you modify?
  • What are the required materials and where would you get them?
  • How do you go about the actual renovation process?
  • Can you do everything yourself or should you get help?

To answer these questions and others you might find several sources online.

Home renovation ideas:

Pinterest is definitely going to be the most popular recommendation to get ideas about anything and everything. You can also get ideas from other print magazines. Here are some of the most popular websites for home renovation ideas:


Houzz is one site where you can get extensive information for home renovation. It comes with categorized lists of photos to give you ideas to renovate every corner of the house. For interior designs for a new house, minor makeovers, full-fledged renovations, and more this site is a great choice. It is also a one-stop spot for home renovators due to lots of other factors. If you are looking for supplies, you can pick the product you require and directly find the store details. You can also find professionals if you wish to outsource whole or part of the renovation process. To get more inspiration you also get to see renovation stories of people all over the world.

houzz home renovation

BHG- Better Homes and Gardens:

This is like an encyclopedia for home and landscaping renovations. You can find simple home improvement ideas as well as DIY home décor tips. There are remodeling ideas to suit every budget. If you are looking for small remodeling projects for the weekends you can find them too. Another service offered by the website includes the home improvement service finder. You simply have to enter the type of service you are looking for and your locality and you can get the quotes from all the popular local suppliers. You could also subscribe to the magazine to stay updated with the latest trends in home interiors.

Better Homes and Gardens

HGTV remodel:

Another online magazine that is sure to get your spirits up to start a home renovation is HGTV. Looking for photo inspirations from around world? You would find them here. There are also room based ideas for minor to major improvements. Be it indoor or outdoor remodeling the site has rich information that home renovators love.

There are numerous other print magazines that you could subscribe to get home makeover ideas. So get going and give your home a new look this weekend.

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What Is The Air Duct And Why Does It Need Cleaning?

All of us want to live healthily and safely both inside and outside our home. External factors may not be under our control but we can control the inner environment of our home. For this reason, we utilize room conditioning and ventilation systems in our house, for breathing fresh air and to maintain a comfortable temperature.

What is actually an air duct?

The pathways for the passage of air, both heated and cooled for circulation inside the home and incoming of fresh air are called the air ducts and form critical circulatory elements of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Air is a very good carrier, so it takes with it numerous light elements including dust which often get accumulated in the air ducts over a period of time. These contaminants need to be cleaned regularly for maintaining the interiors healthy and fresh and avoid any kind of ventilation hazards.

Air Duct

Why home air duct cleaning becomes so significant, yet ignored might be probably due to the fact that they are not visible forefront and not readily accessible in the normal routine of house cleaning. The residents often fail to realize that air vent cleaning is also an essential portion to be performed.

Why should you give importance to air duct cleaning?

Vent cleaning is done by air duct cleaning companies usually utilizes brushes, vacuum cleaners, and chemical cleaning agents to scrub the interiors of the air ducts of your air conditioner, HVAC coils, heat exchangers etc. This is quite understandable if we look into the contaminants which tend to get accumulated in the duct and interfere with the proper working of ventilation and air follow systems:

  • Dust: This is essentially an irritant and lot many of us suffer from allergies and respiratory problems.
  • Mold: A probable disease-causing agent, it not only enters our body system to cause health issues and cause spoilage of various household and food items.
  • Bacteria: Of course, a deadly pathogen.
  • Toxic metals: These irritants can potentially cause long-term damage.

HVAC coils

 Benefits expected from air duct cleaning

  • Improves air quality inside the living premises
  • Smooth air circulating functioning of your HVAC systems
  • Reduced accumulation of dust on your interiors means less frequent cleaning required.
  • Regular monitoring of the ducts might ensure their safety and your peace of mind.

The next question is how frequent you need to clean them and when to approach air duct cleaners. These systems are sophisticated and designed to function for many years without clogging or interference. So unless you not any visible reduction in the air quality and cleanliness of your house, more dust, debris and dirt including insect droppings, respiratory problems, unpleasant odors and stuffiness in the nasal passages, unexplained soaring of electricity bills or any other pronounced miscorrelations, don’t frequently ask the vent cleaners to open up and scrap the passages.

What You Need To Do

Seeking the help of air duct cleaning services is advisable instead of tampering with your sophisticated electric appliances by yourself. Take care that the duct cleaning services don’t charge you out of the blue and recommend for additional repairing to be done by raising false alarms. You know the issues you face, and get them corrected by a rightfully chosen vent cleaning service provider.


dryer vent cleaning done

7 Benefits Of Maintaining A Clean Dryer Vent

Most people would not realize the importance of getting the dryer vent cleaning done. While there are many other important tasks to keep a home looking great, one might easily forget about ensuring a clean dryer vent pipe. However, this unlike the others directly affects the safety of a home and its occupants. Hence it becomes crucial to never neglect this task.

There are many benefits that are associated with a clean dryer vent. We take a close look at some of them:

Prevent the risk of fire

The dryer has been the reason behind numerous home fires in the last few years. The main cause behind it is the buildup of lint inside the dryer.

Since lint is flammable, overheating of the machine could cause it to light up and the machine could catch fire. It is essential to prevent a clogged dryer vent by cleaning it periodically.

prevent a clogged dryer vent

To extend the life of the dryer

Whenever the machine does not work properly, it is suspected that there is a fault with it. Many times the real reason behind the inefficiency is the lint that is accumulated in the dryer vent.

This lint can cause the machine to stop working too. It decreases the lifespan of the machine as well. If the dryer vents are cleaned and maintained well, your machine will work effectively for a long time to come.

To extend the life of the clothing

The clogged dryer vent causes an increase in dryer heat. This leads to the clothes getting more heat and thus they can get damaged.

During the drying cycle if the clothes are subjected to more heat than recommended then their fibers tend to break apart. When the dryer vent is clogged, the cycles take longer and hence damage to the clothes increases. Drying vent cleaning is necessary to take care of the life of your clothes.

clogged dryer vent

To save time

One of the signs of a dryer vent that is clogged is when the drying cycle takes a long time. In such a case, you might need more than one cycle to get the clothes dry.

This not only increases the risk of fire but the machine does not function well too. A dryer vent cleaner will clear the clogs and help you save time and money.

To save energy

The money spent to use the machine can drastically increase if the vent is clogged. This is due to increased energy expenditure and it could be a substantial amount if it happens over a long period. Getting the vent cleaned could help save energy and money.

To prevent the growth of allergens

The growth of allergens not only affects the people living in a home but its structure as well. If the dryer vents are leaky it could be a good place for allergens to grow.

Blocked dryer vents prevent the clothes from getting dry completely. When the clothes are damp they could produce allergens. A buildup of lint in the vents along with the moisture content can cause allergens to grow. This causes further blockage of the vents.

To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a risk that is associated with a dryer that is not properly maintained.

If the dryer vents are unable to exhaust the dryer fumes properly, they can enter your home and increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. A clean dryer vent pipe can prevent this and keep the home free from hazards.

Though many people clean the dryer vents themselves, this is not possible in every situation. In such cases, it is better to hire one of the well-known dryer vent cleaning services. They will do a professional job efficiently in a hassle free manner.


professional carpet cleaners

Why Clean Your Carpets? – 10 Reasons

Keeping a house clean does not stop with just dusting and putting things in order. If you have a carpet, it can attract not only some appreciative glances but a lot of dust and dirt too. It is very important to keep this carpet clean at all times.

Importance Of Clean Carpets

Wondering why go through the trouble of cleaning something that is protecting your floor and where the dust is not really visible? Yes, it is quite a task to clean a carpet, but is necessary, for the following reasons.

carpet steam cleaning

Prolonged Life

When a carpet is cleaned regularly using the right professional carpet cleaning products or even going in for carpet cleaning services, increases the life of the carpet. A prolonged life of the carpet reaps a good benefit out of your investment

Air Quality

Though these carpets are only on the floor, they contribute to the air quality. These carpets trap air pollutants, which needs to be removed regularly, to ensure the quality of the air you breathe in, is good.

Stain Free

Carpets tend to get stained. Apart from using a carpet stain removal product, hiring professional carpet cleaners can ensure even the toughest stains are removed effectively without damaging the carpet

carpet stain removal

Reduce Build Up

Cleaning the carpets regularly makes it easier to get rid of dry stains that tend to build up over time. When the carpet is kept clean on a regular basis, the build-up of such stains is also reduced.

Allergen Free

Carpets house many allergens and bacteria, which can build-up over time if the carpet is not cleaned regularly. Keep it clean to avoid such build-up that can affect the health of your family

Enhance Appearance

It is not just the design or material of the carpet that enhances the appearance of the room. A dirty carpet, no matter how beautiful the design is and how expensive it is, can bring down the appearance of the room. A clean carpet reflects the overall cleanliness of the entire house

Better Environment

The entire environment feels better when the carpet is clean. Your family and friends will find it better and be comforting to step foot on a clean carpet at all times

Feel Fresh

Cleaning the carpet regularly or carpet steam cleaning can make it look fresh and clean at all times

Healthy Atmosphere

Dust mites and bugs are attracted to dirty carpets. Keep the carpets clean and ensure the environment is kept clean and healthy for your family


A carpet’s warranty requires you to keep it clean on a regular basis. It requires you to clean it the proper way and at regular intervals. If it is difficult for you, you can hire one of the many home carpet cleaners, who can clean it up the right way and ensure your warranty is maintained.

Cleaning a carpet in a house where people keep walking all the time, spilling food and other items regularly, can be daunting. Find the best carpet cleaning companies in your city and hire them. The best carpet cleaner will not only be able to clean the carpet but will also be able to prolong the life of your carpet and keep it looking fresh and new for a long time.

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Best Methods To Get The Air Ducts Cleaned

Keeping the air ducts clean and checking them periodically is a great way to maintain them well in the long run.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems may contain different contaminants that may be harmful to your health. Hence the process of home air duct cleaning and removal of such contaminants can help to improve the quality of the indoor air.

Maintaining and cleaning the HVAC system can lead to energy savings due to efficient energy use. This can eventually lead to savings as well.

air vent cleaning

Most common methods to clean the air ducts

There are different methods that are used for air duct cleaning. Here is a look at some of the common methods in use today.

Power vacuum or Air sweep

This method may be an expensive option but it is extremely effective. The job is done meticulously using the method.

The power of the vacuum is helpful to not only keep the debris contained but it can also pull the debris out of the system. You can be assured of superior results after using this method as the ductwork gets rid of all the loose contamination.

There are some disadvantages of this method. The process takes long and the machinery used is expensive. When any of the air duct cleaning companies uses this method, you will be charged more than the other companies. Since the equipment used is specialized, they need to train the personnel well to avoid the risk of a mishap.

The point of contact

This method might not be as efficient as the power sweep method but it is safe to use for the air vents and ducts.

It involves the use of a vacuum and a spinning brush and it costs much lesser. The cost factor is reduced making it an affordable option due to the low cost of its machinery.

The method does not agitate the dirt or debris much reducing the chances of errors and mishaps. The machinery used is not as loud as the power vacuum machinery.

air vent cleaning Power vacuum

Remove the source

This method is the most common among all the other methods. It is a recommended air vent cleaning method.

Removal of the source involves mechanical cleaning of the various system components in order to remove the dirt and debris. The dirt and debris have a tendency to stick to the interior of the duct vents.

Mechanical agitation helps to loosen the debris from the walls of the ducts and other components. The process of extraction is used to safely remove the debris from the HVAC system.


Cleaning the air ducts can help to improve the air quality and thus improve the health of the occupants. One of the biggest downsides of getting the duct cleaning services done by you is the probability of damaging the air duct.

It is advisable to get professional assistance to get the duct cleaning done. They would have the best knowledge about the cleaning methods. They will also be able to tell you when the next cleaning session would be required.

Make sure that you get at least a couple of estimates before choosing the cleaning service provider. If possible assess their reliability and competence.

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable technician will give you the desired results. More than the cool tools and machines, the big factor that influences the outcome of the project is the experience of the technician.