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Three Hazards Of A Dirty Dryer

Life without home appliances is practically impossible to think of. Washing clothes without a washer and dryer are unimaginable. But when it comes to maintaining these appliances, it doesn’t usually feature anywhere on our priority list.

dryer vents

A washing machine comes with a dryer vent. This dryer vent comes handy to dry clothes by removing the hot moist air from it. The vent is most susceptible to blockage due to the lint and debris that accumulate in them. It becomes one of the prime reasons for many hazards at home. These are hazards that can be easily avoided if the dirty dryer is cleaned and maintained regularly.

What are the hazards caused by a dirty dryer vent?

A clogged dryer vent blocks or restricts the air flow from the dryer. This ends up causing some potentially dangerous situations some of which may even be life threatening. Let us consider some hazards if dryer vent cleaning is not done.

Fire Hazard

A fire is one of the commonest home hazards that one comes across. Out of all the home fire, most of them are caused due to a clogged dryer vent. Our firefighters come across thousands of fires that have started because of a dirty dryer vent. These fire also claim many lives per year.

a clogged dryer vent

When lint accumulates in a clean dryer vent pipe, then tend to block these pipes. Because of which the air flow is restricted. Also, lint is potentially inflammable and so can easily cause a fire with blocked exhaust gases.

This could end up being a life threatening situation that is easily avoidable. Get regular dryer vent cleaning services and make sure your dryer is always functioning flawlessly.

Energy Wastage and Machine damage

Yet another hazard that not just costs hazard to the environment but also burns a hole in your pocket. With a blocked dryer duct, the air flow is not regular. And so the machine takes double or even triple amount of time to remove the hot moist air from the clothes.

So when the washing machine has to work doubly hard, it obviously consumes much more energy to function. This causes unnecessary wastage of energy.

Apart from that, it is obvious that if the washing machine has to work for longer to dry the clothes, this puts extra pressure on the machine to perform. This reduces the life of the machine to half. This leads to premature wear and tear of the machine giving rise to extra expenses in terms of repairs and replacements.

Health Hazard

Something as simple as cleaning dryer vent when neglected can cause health hazards at home. A blocked dryer duct can cause the release of dangerous gas fumes. Gases like carbon monoxide which usually would pass through the dryer vent would end up back in your house if the dryer vent not cleaned. The poisonous gases which would otherwise be exhausted outdoors end up floating in your home, posing as a serious health threat.

Beware of Lint

Also, the lint accumulated in the dryer vents has a moisture trapped in it. This becomes a perfect environment for the growth of mold within the dryer vent. These mold spores could land up in your house giving rise to allergies and other conditions among the members of the house.

These are serious hazards which can be easily prevented. All you need to do is keep an eye on the dryer vent and have it cleaned regularly.